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Young lady boldly declares she’ll marry for money for her children’s sake

A young Nigerian woman has announced on social media that she wants to wed a wealthy man.

The attractive woman boldly stated in a video that she will undoubtedly wed for money in order to provide for her future children.

She said she would do so so that her children would have the option to choose to marry for love rather than money, just like she had done.

“Definitely marrying for money so my children can marry for love,” she declared.

Watch the video below:

Reacting, hero_jooshua wrote; So without men you no fit make em for life. Omo eh una thinking dey upside down.

kapish_fx; She should pray the man doesn’t marry for looks

father_murph; What if the rich guys with the money ain’t interested in getting married to u nko?😂

decency_irene; Fr tho as it’s going cos ehn 😂😂

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