Woman criticized for Breastfeeding her three year old son (Photos)

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A woman has stirred controversy after she was caught on camera breastfeeding her three-year old son.

A mother who was heavily criticized for breastfeeding her three-year-old son before sharing the video on YouTube has called other women to emulate her.

In spite of the criticism that followed her, Tasha Maile insists that her video was to teach mothers out there to feed their babies the correct way.

Tasha Maile uploaded the clip titled: ‘How and why to breastfeed your toddler’ to her Spiritual Tasha Mama YouTube channel to show off the benefits of breast milk for even big babies.’

The online personality, who is believed to be from Utah, says: ‘The benefits of breastfeeding your older ones are this, skin to skin.’

She continues: ‘First of all, that’s huge. I think most mothers know that, when a baby is born skin to skin, it doesn’t end there.’

Her son asks: ‘They just drink cow’s milk?’ and she replies: ‘That’s for a baby cow, not a human.’

Tasha adds: ‘People on the TV, in the media, tell them that it is good for them. Get your vitamin C, get your calcium, strong bones.’

In the video, the mother-of-two stated that cow’s milk is for a baby cow and not a baby human.

Writing alongside the video, Tasha said: ‘Too much protein, when eating an animal heavy in dead animal and animal excretions leads to calcium leaching from your bones to digest and alkalize the acidic body.’

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