What’s The Difference Between Quarantine And Self-Isolation?

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Hello Guys!

I hope you’re trying to stay safe as much as possible! Please endeavor to stay at home!

This Coronavirus panic is definitely on the rise as days go by, and we pray it fades aways real quick, cause I’m tired of being scared for real.

So, while we are here, I need you guys to help me get something straight concerning these popular terms that are commonly used this Coro-season.

Self-Isolation & Quarantine – Any Difference?
I have seen people advising each other to self-isolate themselves and also in this Nigeria I’ve also people telling others they’re in Quarantine.

I’m a bit confused and lost regarding these words, tried googling, but still not helping matters.

So Guys 👇🏾

What’s The Difference Between“Self-Isolation” And “Quarantine”?

Please help a brother on this.

Let’s hear from you all.

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