What My Neigbour’s Wife Did 16 Years Ago, Has Come Back To Haunt Her

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I moved into this posh area and in the compound we live in, we are just two, my neighbor and I. The Udeme’s are the typical ideal family every single Lady goes to Shiloh ground first week of every December to pray for. Blessed With three children; Excel –Female aged 16years, Eta- Male aged 14years and Makamba – Female aged 8 years. Mrs. Udeme started complaining how all her friends and other parents in her children’s school travel to the United States during holiday yet her children and herself has never travelled to neighboring Ghana. Hence she insisted that her husband of 18 years must take the family to the States for last Christmas holiday.

Mr. Udeme has grown to love and trust his wife. Remembering how rough and tough it was at the beginning yet she stood by him and never forsook him. Now they are in affluence he swore never to deprive her of the best things of life.

Mr. Udeme and his family started the process of filing for visa to the states but a his younger brother Samuel, an American citizen insisted on filing for resident permit for his brother and family once and for all.

The process began; fast forward, there was a demand for DNA test for the children of Mr Udeme for a class of visa they were applying for. All hell was let loose when the result came out. Excel, Mr. Udeme’s First daughter was not his daughter. At first, his wife denied it but DNA never lies. When she realized that all was about to go down, she narrated how it all happened. At the beginning of their marriage, life was tough, she met her husband’s formal boss to help her with business capital, and he said he would, on one condition that he sleeps with her. She thought of it hard and deep. Since help was not forthcoming from other avenues, She took the offer without discussing with the husband since the husband was a proud man. She lied to her husband that she wanted to visit her sick mother at her Odupkani Village. She spent one week with Mr. John who in turn promise to settle her husband with N1, 000,000.00 since her husband will question how she got that huge amount then. A week after, Mr. John called Mr Udeme and told him how the Lord is leading him to sow one million naira into his life. That marked the turnaround in their family’s life. After 2months had passed, she later discovered she was pregnant not knowing who was responsible; she assumed the pregnancy was her husband’s.

Mr. Udeme is heartbroken; he is filing for a divorce and insists on travelling to the States afterwards with his legitimate children. Plea from close family members seems to aggravate the situation.

Please advise, if you are in his shoes what would you do? Honest contribution please. As the she is considering suicide


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  1. Hmmm. This is an issue that is very much difficult to decide. Because it’s seem as if God is behind it. That is why he persuaded the woman to ask for a holiday trip. According to the word of God, he hate unfaithfulness.
    But yet again, Mr. Udeme think it twice because she do what she did for the betterment of the family. And that brought you where you are now.

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