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UNIZIK lecturer gives birth to septuplets

A lecturer, Mrs Ngozi Uzodike, at the Nnamdi Azikiwe University has welcomed septuplets (seven children) on Sunday.

She gave birth to two boys and give girls; sadly one of the girls didn’t make it.

According to information, the family’s hospital cost was 19 million naira.

The mother of seven expressed happiness about the development but lamented the fact that they hadn’t received pay since 2020.

Her husband, Mr. Celestine Uzodike, revealed to reporters on Wednesday that his wife works as a lecturer for the school but hadn’t been paid.

Even though his wife had been promoted from Assistant Lecturer to Lecturer II, the man lamented the fact that she had never gotten a wage of even one kobo.

He pleaded with the FG to help them because they are unable to pay the bills for all of the children on their own.

“The babies came out prematurely at 26th week gestation period and the hospital said they will need to be placed under intensive care unit and each of them will cost N3million. One of them has died, remaining six babies, that is why they billed us like that,” he said.

His wife added: “All I want is for philanthropists both in Anambra State and Nigeria at large to come to our aid in other to offset the hospital bill.”

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