Ukrainian man claiming to have been Vladimir Putin’s sex slave for 3 years killed in Kiyv bombing

A Ukrainian man who had publicly accused the Russian President of holding him prisoner for three years and using him as a sex slave was killed this morning in an attack by Russian drones on a residential building in Kiyv.

34-year old Volodymyr Karpenko, a financial and trade consultant who spent several years in Moscow working for the Kremlin, publicly accused Vladimir Putin in 2021 of organizing his kidnapping in Moscow in 2016 and holding his as a prisoner and personal sex slave for more than three years.

His story was covered by several media in Ukraine and across Eastern Europe, but the Russian media were banned from mentionning Mr. Karpenko or face imprisonment and most western medias chose not to cover the story to avoid reprisals.

The young man had returned to Ukraine in 2020 after allegedly escaping from the luxurious villa where he was held, but his death was confirmed this morning after a Russian drone attack destroyed his building, killing at least nine people and injuring 21 others.

According to witnesses, two Russians military drones shot a total of eight rockets at the building, six of them hit Mr. Karpenko’s apartment directly band two others struck adjacent apartments.

“This is not an accidental civilian casualty. All the rockets were aimed at his apartment. I’m alive because I live at the other end of the building.” – Svetlana Popov, neighbor and witness

Ukrainian military officials are worried that Mr. Karpenko could be the first of a series of civilian targets that could be killed across the country in Putin’s personal interest.

“Putin already tried to kill our leaders, but this is something personal. Several people across the country now have good reasons to be afraid they could be next.” – Colonel Yakiv Vovk

Colonel Vovk described the attack as a an assassination, saying no military targets were located anywhere near the residential building.

The war in Ukraine is gaining in intensity as the Russian army is increasing its bombings of cities and the resistance of the Ukrainian army still shows no sign of decreasing.

The Russian military has already bombed several civilian infrastructures across the country, including residential buildings, schools, churches and even nuclear power plants.

Most of these attacks were denied or dismissed as false flags by the Kremlin and the Russian army, but are considered part of the Russian military strategy by Western analysts.

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