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Student misses exam after arriving hall 7 hours late, says he was reading

A Nigerian student due to his miscalculation of the time, arrived late and missed his exam.

The student who goes by the Twitter handle @4evertoxiclagosng described how he wound up arriving at a test site 7 hours late.

The exam was scheduled for 8am, but he believed he would write it around 3pm, so he stayed home and read a lot.

Sadly, none of his classmates summoned him when they didn’t see him in the exam room in the morning; instead, it was only when he returned in the afternoon that he discovered they had already begun the test.

He wrote; “Thought my paper was for 3 pm, didn’t know it was for 8 am and I was at home reading serious for past questions”.

Reacting to thisz Gentle Lion wrote; I can relate. They changed exam time and not everyone was aware see people turning up with house clothes and girls without makeups. Nigerian universities self.

Moore Amor; I had a carry over for this reason. Exam was rescheduled from afternoon to morning so I took my time. Didn’t have permanent seat mates so no one called. Met my coursemate outside school fanning herself with question paper.

Zinota reacted: There was a time I always went to events late and I had to put an end to it cos it isn’t really cool thing to do.

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