Spiritual meaning of driving a car in the dream

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Prov 16:9; Isa 58:6; Isa 10:27; John 6:35; Ps 23) Travelling in a vehicle not driven by you to an unknown destination is a sign that you are currently not in charge of your destiny.

Though driving a car in the dream, means movement, progress on the path of your destiny.

When you find yourself driving a motor car to your ending location without any obstruction on your way, it indicates that everything will work out for you as planned.

Such dream means God is making a smooth way for you to your divine destiny, breakthrough, miracle, freedom, finances and marital life.

This dream paralyses failure, stagnation and troubles. Isa 43:19‎

A dream about driving a motor car indicates progress. Enemies can make a person journey not to be successful.

They can plan accident or stumbling block to prevent a person from reaching a place. Driving with your family signifies joy in the family.

If something happens on the way, it means tragedy. If you are a man in your dream and you cannot find your motor car, means great loss is coming.

The lost arisen from the thing you value most.

If you are driving a train for example, it shows strength and hard work. To see yourself driving a motor transport, it means you are going to find it difficult to rise up early in life. If you are driving while drunk, you will experience a great misfortune or untimely death.

If you are driving a car out of control, it means the enemy is planning your death through motor accident. In the process of driving you fell into the river etc, it indicates that you have been wasted spiritually and that the edge of God’s protection is not with you. Psalms 32:8 , I will instruct thee and teach thee in the way which thou shalt go:

I will guide thee with mine eye. In your dream a known person is driving you with motor car, it means you are going to experience peace, joy and victory. If an unknown person is driving you, it means such a spirit is in charge of your destiny. When you see yourself driving on the road with obstruction such as roadblocks etc, on your way, it means you have stubborn enemies that has refused to let you go.

These powers from the father’s house or mother’s house are trying to frustrate and useless your Christianity.

They want you to serve them, obey them and commit your destiny into their hands.

They go from one place to the other looking for available means to hinder your progress. As God reveals their hidden activities to you, they will never succeed in closing down the chapter of your life in Jesus name.

If you pray harder, they may not stop you but if you fail to pray, they may not only stop you, they may destroy you.‎


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