Open challenge for Native Doctors has prophet Chukuemeka said he will raise dead body and they must also do too

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Prophet Chukwuemeka Ohanaemere popularly know as Odumeji who is the President and founder of Holy Spirit Intervention Ministry, has set the internet on fire when he claim all Nigeria Native doctor are powerless, the prophet made it clear that all native doctor are using wrong ways to collect money from the public, in his speech, native doctor only succeeded in stealing and taking what does not belong to them, and also other live valuable gift form the people.

Odumeji in his speech said, their have no power, he urge any native doctor that has power to come to an open field to challenge him.

The founder of Holy Spirit Intervention Ministry said, they will give him and any native doctor that challenge him to fight, two dead body, he will raise one and the native doctor will rise the order one, he said if any native doctor raise the other one from dead he will resign as a man of God.The man of God in his statement said he will stop goin to church if any native doctor raise the dead.

A native doctor who is the owner of Chi Marin Temple, “Ofia Afulu Agu 1” in Akwa Anambra state, said in his recent video release online, said no amount of holy ghost fire can not burn his shrine, that if Holy ghost fire burn his Shrine he will convert to Christian immediately. The Native doctor further said, if any pastor come to my Shrine he will not go back home to his church with his two leg. The native doctor further said, when the pastor got home his wife might not be able to recognize him as his husband, because he will have dear with him.

Meanwhile people all over the world are really waiting to see the day the fight will take place. Some people claim this many be another challenge that happen during the time of Elijah and Prophet of baa.

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