Ohio man accused of ejaculating in dozens of coworkers’ lunches every day for four years

A factory worker from Cincinnati was arrested this morning and accused of ejaculating in his coworkers’ food during each of his work shift over more than four years.

34-year old Barry Sinclair was arrested this morning by the Cincinnati Police Department (CPD) when he showed up to work as a janitor at the United Metal factory.

Mr. Sinclair was filmed by a newly installed security camera last week while he masturbated in the employee’s cafeteria and ejaculated in another employee’s sandwich.

He was confronted by his superiors and made some astonishing confessions: he had been ejaculating in his colleagues’ food at least three to five times during each of his work shifts for the last four and a half years.

Cincinnati Police Department spokesman, Lt. Robert Wickenheiser, says his employers reported the situation to the police as soon as they realized the seriousness of the situation.

“He admitted over 4000 sexual aggressions during his interrogation, but claims he did it out of self-defense, hoping to turn homophobic coworkers into homosexuals.”

Lt. Wickenheiser says the accused believed that ingesting semen could “turn straight men into gay men” and he wanted to convert some of his bullies.

“He claims his coworkers harassed him due to his homosexuality, nicknaming him “the cum drinker”. He hoped to turn some of them gay by ejaculating in their sandwiches.”

Cincinnati Police Department spokesman, Lt. Robert Wickenheiser, says Mr. Sinclair keeps confessing to a surprising number of crimes, but seems to perceive himself as the victim.

Barry Sinclair already faces a total of 4,480 criminal charges of sexual assault and 1,364 charges of indecent exposure.

His lawyer, Mr. Marcus Smith, demanded a psychiatric evaluation to determine if he is fit to stand trial and can be considered criminally responsible for his actions.

According to Mr. Smith, Barry Sinclair spent more than three in mental institutions, but was judged fit to live without medical supervision in 2016. The lawyer believes that his recent problems suggest he was not entirely fit to be released when he was.

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