“My roommate destroyed my admission documents out of jealousy” Why I still fear silent short girls.

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“Amaka and I had been friends and roommates since 100 level” said a graduate. “Here’s what my best friend did to me that made me scared of being friends with short girls” she added. “Amaka was a seemingly nice girl – short and quiet. We were both studying business admin and our hostel was opposite the school. We’ve been living peacefully since 100 level until I introduced her to my boyfriend.

I never knew that Greg, my boyfriend had been Amaka’s crush – they both attended the same church. Amaka told me about how badly she’d always wanted Greg and how angry she was seeing us together. She accused me of turning his attention away from her and vowed to make me regret if I didn’t ditch him – a guy who’d done me no wrong.

I pleaded with my roommate and explained everything about how Greg and I had met months ago, but she still insisted that I’d stolen him from her. She finally kept silent after telling me, “you’ll see” and I thought she was joking. My friend went to the registrar and asked for my admission documents after paying a huge amount of money.

She burnt all of it without thinking twice. My three years in university was wasted and I was kicked out after clearance for having no admission documents. I wept like a baby and my parents, who’d struggled hard to pay my fees almost died of depression. We all kept praying that the perpetrators were brought to justice and disgraced.

After spending six months at home I got a phone call from our head of department – he asked me to come over to his office the following day with a few documents. A weak before that, the registrar had been arrested for being involved in several sex scandals involving students – and there were lots of evidences. During his trial, one of his confessions was about how my roommate had my admission documents destroyed after paying some money.

The school apologised to me and my family, and I was granted a scholarship till my final year. Amaka was expelled and given a five year prison sentence. Every time I think of what my short and innocent looking friend did, I become scared of trusting short girls.

Not every shortie is dangerous; but be very careful when a very shortie tells you “you’ll regret it” or “I’ll show you”. If you ever hear such from them, run for your life.” Better safe than sorry. What can you say about this? Can’t wait to start reading your comments .

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