My newly married friend organised baby shower for me not knowing her husband is my baby daddy – Lady narrates

A Nigerian lady has expressed her guilt over having an affair with her newly married friend’s husband and becoming pregnant.

She claimed it happened in December last year while they were planning their wedding, and she had a brief moment of weakness that led to her sleeping with the man.

According to the woman, she was a bridesmaid at the wedding, and when she told the man she was pregnant, he asked her to remove it, but she refused.

Her baby was born in September of this year, and her newlywed friend threw her a baby shower without knowing that her husband is the child’s father.

The bridesmaid stated that she feels compelled to tell her friend the truth because she has been very good to her and she does not think she can continue to keep it a secret.

In her words; ‘‘My friend got married in December last year and I was one of the bridesmaids. During the preparations of the wedding I had a moment of weakness and slept with her man, which led to me falling pregnant.

The guy tried to get me to abort but I refused because I do not believe in killing innocent souls. I gave birth in September this year. My friend is the one who organised a babyshower. She doesn’t know that my baby is her stepchild.

My problem is guilt is eating me alive. I swore to my baby daddy that his wife will never know, but seeing her so supportive and sisterly to me is breaking my heart. She confides in me about everything, including her family’s finances and future plans. I don’t know if I can keep this secret any longer.

My friend is weak and I know she will hit a mental breakdown if she finds out. I don’t know how to handle this. Please advise me. You don’t have to remind me that I’m a bad friend, I know that already. I just want you to help me to get out of this guilt. Leave judging to God because no one is perfect .”

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