Moment graduating lady rejected boyfriend’s proposal with cake and car (Watch video)

Moment graduating lady rejected boyfriend’s proposal with cake and car (Watch video)
Moment graduating lady rejected boyfriend’s proposal with cake and car (Watch video)

A young Nigerian man surprised his girlfriend at her graduation with a marriage proposal, but the response he received broke his heart.

He stormed her school with a cake and a new car to give her as a gift if she agreed to marry him.

The lady had just finished signing out with her coursemates when her man arrived and brightened the mood.

Unfortunately, she turned down his marriage proposal, refused to accept the car, and returned to the cake she was holding.

A video that surfaced on social media captures the moment the man looked at her in disbelief as she stretched out her hand and told him to take the cake back.

Eyewitnesses were urging the graduating student to say yes, but she remained resolute about her decision.

When she saw that her man was not willing to collect the cake, she dropped it on the ground furiously and stormed away.

Watch The Video Here

In reaction, ire_yi_mika said; I still don’t understand this say yes of a thing😂😂Are you her?

phemmypoko; NDI say YES!! Una know if dem dey abuse the babe? SEE UNA MOUTH! Say YESH.

iamsheila_; Y don’t u just accept cos of the crowd and people looking,then you talk about it later privately and reject it? I still don’t understand why people lik to do this? Y embarrass someone uv been with lik dis?

phemmypoko; You people doing public proposal without prior discussion with your partner have mind oo. Una nor dey fear SHEGE, or SHEGE BANZA? Eiiiii! 🥲🫠

sandy_coco__; Stop doing public proposal , una no go hear and ladies if you don’t want to marry a guy , please stop giving him that marriage vibes , Stop giving him hope that you will marry him .

tim_lushskincare; Na only this girl know Wetin her eyes don see for the relationship, but well people will be people. Una go Dey shout say yes like say na u go face the challenges or wear her shoes. You’re strong my dear, only a strong woman stands her ground because she knows she deserves better. Peace of mind is the ultimate, not show off ooo. If you treat a woman well she will accept your proposal even in her sleep. There’s more that meets the eyes.

abistles; Say yes to what? Una go just dey shout “say yes, say yes”! The guy never even go on bended knees or talk wetin dey hin mind, “say yes” don dey ring for air. Make nobody try am on my day o… Well, it ain’t gonna be a public display anyways.

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