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Man shares video of lady in his hotel room lying to her boyfriend via phone

A young woman who was with another man was caught on camera lying to her boyfriend about where she went.

When her man contacted her phone, the guy who had invited her to a hotel to have some fun secretly recorded her.

In reality, she was in a hotel room, but she told her partner she was riding a bike and going somewhere.

She positioned her phone close to a on fan to make her deception seem plausible by creating the illusion that she was actually moving and the wind was blowing.

They had just finished dining and drinking when her man called her phone, according to a video that was shared online.

Watch the video below:

In reaction, i.iv.vii said; Fear woman ha

remigold91_; After a plate of rice & turkey 😼 Na today I fear my gender 😂😂

k_klassiqx; If you can’t be faithful in a relationship stop dating please because what’s all these 😌😌😌 Shiloh no Dey end sha na yearly something

amplifieronly; No be my babe voice be dis 🥺🥺??

ambalipacjay; This one na legend 😂😂 turn the standing fan to the phone call 😊 Awon omo werey

jmkglow1; I trust my guy na video call he no get chill for audio 😂😂😂😂😂

iam_diano; Such a cold world

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