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Man finds out after 4 years that his babe got married 2 years into their relationship but continued dating him

A Nigerian man identified as Frank has been left devastated feeling immense fear of women after what his girlfriend did to him.

He disclosed that while they were still dating, he learned that the female he’s been seeing for four years got married to another man.

The 34-year-old man learned that she had married another man during the second year of their relationship.

Frank claimed he was unaware of all that occurred, but he did note that things altered during that time because she all of a sudden became always busy.

He said that they stopped going out on dates and that she moved to a location far from his home, making it impossible for him to visit her.

She continued to visit him on Fridays, though, and left for church on Sunday morning.

She later revealed to Frank that she had been married for two years, and when he confronted her, she said she had to choose a man who was prepared because he wasn’t talking about marriage.

See the narration below:

“Men are sc^m but women are sc^mmer. I once dated a lady for 4 years not knowing she got married to another guy 2 years into our relationship. I didn’t know because nothing really changed, except that we stopped going on dates because she forms busy all the time.

Another thing that I noticed was that she moved to a new place that was very far from me, I stopped visiting her while she visits me instead.

She’d come to my place on Fridays and leave for church on Sunday morning. When I found out that she was married 2 years into our relationship, I confronted her.

She said she had to because I wasn’t talking about marriage, and she couldn’t tell or break up break up with me because she still wants us to be together. I’m finding it hard to settle down now because I’ve been scared of women since then. I’m traumatized! Fear women!”

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