Lady who slept with Dog for 3 million naira seeks for help

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A lady who was earlier reported on HiTNG that a lady who slept with a Dog for the sum of 3 million naira after she was lured into the act by her friends, is now seeking for advise on what to do with her life as she has been having uncontrolled urge for dogs since after the act.

The lady who claimed she enjoyed the s3x with the dog and even reach climax multiple times said she did the act in order to excape poverty.

According to her, she was invited to Victoria Island, Lagos by her friends and got paid immediately after she was through.

In an email sent to relationship expert, Joro Olafin the worried lady revealed that she has slept with four different men but she does not enjoy s3x with them.

She has vowed never to go into the act again , and she is seeking for solution on how to stop the urge for dog and get her life back to normal.


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  1. the Only way out is to pray with you, and you following the true way of Life through Christ Jesus… You can call me if you want a testimony of similar Situation. one thing I know and believe Christ is the Answer

  2. Jesus is still interested in you and will forgive you despite the evil you have done, if you return to Him. Jesus will turn you from a sinner to a saint. don’t condem your self only come back to Jesus today.eternity near and Jesus is coming again.

  3. I know were you can bee healed and have a testimony…
    This is my number if you are interested..
    There is nothing to big for God to do.. 08138839757

  4. To me I think this lady didn’t to have sex with the dog because she was pocess by the devil.she did this b’se she wanted Money. wen u are poor ,u can do any thing for a living. calling her to visit ur church wen she still poor won’t help.
    She even discovered that dogs where more satisfying than male human being. Guys think about that point as well.
    I rest my case

  5. poverty can make one do crazy things but you can get your life back dear sister and forget about that Dog of an animal. it is just an animal you know not a romantic guy out there who can make you feel the woman in you secondly the act is better that one killing another for money rituals

  6. This is spiritual, maybe she has been used for something, my only advice for is to go and pray, and to limit her greediness

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