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Lady unable to find husband years after dumping boyfriend for ‘moving slower than her’

A Nigerian lady reportedly remained single for years after splitting up with her boyfriend because she believed he was not what she wanted for marriage.

According to @jayhansome on Twitter, the lady graduated two years before her boyfriend and soon after dumped him because her life was moving faster than his.

She stated that she couldn’t wait for him to finish his degree, find work, and then come marry her.

According to Jayhansome, his friend is now happily married with two children, whereas his ex-girlfriend is still looking for a husband.

He wrote; “My friend’s gf graduated 2yrs before him (though he’s older). She ended the relationship because “my life is moving faster than his own” and she couldn’t wait for him to graduate, get a job and come marry her. My friend is married with 2 kids now,hanty is still single!!!”

See some reactions below:

@akpaka_igbo; You no go too blame her na, the love of a man is provision, the love of a woman is submission, provision makes submission easy

@fredrickOsha; She’s was looking for that one in a million man to marry her while eligible bachelors where passing and saying hi.

@b_fasuyi; Are you sure you aren’t referring to my cousin ’cause this is what happened to him too. Babe even added jara by telling him “he has no future ambition”.

@Basil_Uka; The babe that broke up with me in 2016 cos she doesn’t want to waste time is still single.

@SamuelOyinloy13; But Sir JD lessons has already occured, she left him when she felt she was better than him. Thank God the guy’s doing okay now.

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