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Lady reveals she’s not interested in marrying boyfriend of 3 years who pays her rent

A Ugandan lady identified as Doreen Nasasira, has said that she wants to breakup with her boyfriend because she never really loved him.

She said he’s been paying her house rent since they started dating three years ago and he wants to marry her but she is not interested.

Doreen took to her Twitter page to share her dilemma, noting that her boyfriend is a caring guy but she has been unable to love him because he is not her type.

According to the lady, she only agreed to date him because he has a good heart but now that he’s talking about marriage she wants to end the relationship due to her lack of feelings for him. She asked social media users for advise about the best way to handle the situation.

Doreen wrote; “Been with my boyfriend for 3yrs .he’s caring, pays my rent. He’s talking about marriage but truth Is I have failed to love him, Plus he’s not like my type but coz he has a good heart l decided to start a relationship with him but now l want to end this relationship? Pliz advise me.”

Twitter users lambasted her for being self centred and accused her of using the man.

@Tee_Classiquem1; You wasted his time for good 3 years all because of personal benefit? dont worry when you finally meet that your type, he will waste your time for like 10 years and more

@adex_smithjr; Women don’t love you, they just love how you make them feel

@talk2veee; This is why “bad boyz” will never stop .. Just say you were looking for a “father” that will foot your bills. You had an option of saying NO.. May the next guy you meet, give you this treatment

@BGonje; Marriage is long term commitment unlike dating. Follow your heart but be ready to face the outcome

@Aaron_Sempa; In other words you are just using him and you were in it just for the benefits. It’ll hurt him for sure when you tell him but let him be free to find someone who loves him. We don’t want a situation where our brother raises kids who aren’t his because you cheated

@NatieNampa; Go ahead and tell him the truth about how you feel and afterwards share with us his contact. He’s likely to be our type

@Kbridget9; I have a feeling 😕 you will regret ending this r/ship in 3yrs to come. Bcoz yo type you’re thinking of, myt never love u enough, care 4U or even think of marrying you.
If he got this stability for 3yrs, don’t lose him while chasing empty clouds ma sis. Fix yo mind/emotions.

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