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Lady drags her friend’s man for refunding N20k he borrowed from her without adding anything

A young lady identified as Josephine has criticized her friend’s boyfriend for taking money from his babe and not returning it in full.

The young lady revealed on Twitter that the male had requested that his girlfriend transfer N20,000 to his mechanic.

He requested the money from his girlfriend with the assurance that he would return it because it seemed that he had gone over his daily transfer limit.

Josephine was upset that he did not add anything to the money, but the man maintained his word and returned the N20k

She admitted that it occurred early on Monday, and his behavior caused her to generalize that males lack morals.

Josephine posted; ‘‘My Friends boyfriend asked her to transfer 20k to his mechanic yesterday cos he has exceeded his daily limit ,this morning, he returned the money 20k exactly, Nothing else,men have no conscience.”

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