Korra Obidi tearfully recounts how her ex-husband physically abused her as she cries out over custody battle (Video)

Korra Obidi, an American-Nigerian dancer, and her ex-husband continue to battle for the custody of their two children 

While many assumed that the ex-couple had resolved their marital issues following their divorce, Korra proved them wrong by raising concerns about Justin Dean’s attempt to separate her from her children.

According to her, their first child, June’s constant demand for food has led Justin to believe that Korra does not feed their children and has taken her to court again.

Korra claimed Justin had been physically assaulting her throughout their marriage, which explains her concern for her daughter’s safety.

“This man would slap me and tell me I was making it up. That my memory was failing her because of all this social media. That I hallucinated the slap. If I am lying let me fall down and die here and this is the man that is saying he will take my daughters from me.

What will he do to my daughters if he did that for me. Because June said she is hungry, he wants to take her to court.

He takes them away from me, what is he going to do to them. I just want to live”, she said in tears.

Watch the video below:

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