Japa!! Husband runs away when Calabar wife gives birth to 5 children at once

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It was confusion at first sight when Akpan Udoh Utimyen saw that his wife had given birth to not one, not two, not even 3 or 4 but 5 children all at once.

Akpan, a native of Ikot-Ishie, got married to a calabar woman named Grace sometime early last year and they have been bidding their time to have children as they both do not have a good source of income. Akpan according to the wife is an Okada rider who plies his trade in the suburbs around while she (grace) sells fish outside their house.

It came as a huge shock for akpan when his wife went into early labor on Thursday morning only for them to call him by noon that she has given birth. On getting to the hospital, he met not one, not two but 5 babies all answerable to him.

The young man was said to burst into hot tears immediately. He told the doctors not to worry that he wanted to go and get money to settle some bills only for him to go home, pack his belongings and run away since that day.

It is over 2 weeks now and no one has seen or heard from akpan.

Meanwhile his wife and children are still at the mercy of the hospital.

Did he do the right thing or was he just a foolish man?


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