Indian man with 400 carats of diamonds embedded in genitals emasculated by robbers

An Indian businessman who publicly bragged about having more than 400 carats of diamonds surgically embedded in his genitals was violently attacked and emasculated in his residence by masked men who took off with jewelry, a tv, some cash… and his genitals.

Around 1:30 this morning, four armed men wearing face masks broke into the luxurious Mumbai residence of a well-known diamond trader, 49-year old Rajiv Mandal.

The intruders rapidly neutralized the two security agents on site, tied them up, and proceeded to Mr. Mandal’s bedroom.

According to Mumbai Police spokesman, Captain Vinay Sahu, the criminals were well-prepared and probably professionals.

“They neutralized everyone with chloroform, took only what they wanted, and left in less than ten minutes.”

Captain Sahu says the criminals showed surprising skill and moral sense by cleanly and surgically removing their victim’s genitals and sparing his life.

“They could have chopped everything off with a cleaver or a machete, but they took time to disinfect, cut everything neatly with a scalpel and even stitch him up.”

Mumbai police spokesman Captain Vinay Sahu says the robbers have unusual ethics and morals, emasculating a man for gems, but at the same time trying very hard sparing his life.

Mr. Mandal has been very outspoken for years about his passion for embedded gems, discussing the topic with several Indian magazines and claiming he himself had 400 carats of diamonds and 80 carats of emeralds embedded in his genitals.

In fact, the diamond dealer had his genitals covered for 1,5 billion rupees (approximately $20 millions) by a body part insurance, the highest coverage ever registered for genitals.

The Mumbai Police has launched an investigation and is offering a reward of 25 million rupees for any information that could lead to an arrest in this case.

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