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If anyone told me I’d struggle to make ends meet, I won’t have moved to US – Nigerian lady

A young woman living in the US claims that she would not have left Nigeria if she had known the arduous effort required to survive overseas.

Every month, she claimed, inhabitants are choked by bills, making it difficult for them to become wealthy in America through legitimate ways of earning.

The woman claimed that while she wasn’t advocating against traveling abroad, she would have stayed in Nigeria to obtain management skills and study a trade if she had known better before moving there.

Although she acknowledged that chances exist in the United States, she claimed she never imagined herself having trouble making ends meet.

Watch her speak below;

In reaction, mmxclusive commented: Working and paying your own bills is what most Nigerian ladies consider struggling lol. I no blame una, it is the guys in Nigerian paying you free money for … You know what, never mind.

s.nnxo_; Are people expecting hand outs and not to work hard for themselves? That’s life.

obi_uzoh; Breading hair in the U.S cost around $150 plus. she should not be struggling.

iamitohan_p; So in Nigeria you don’t make the money to spend ? I’m not understanding 😩😩😩 aunty please bring your visa abi passport for us wey need am Abeg😂😂

excellent_pinna; Are people not struggling to make ends meet here? Are we plucking money from trees in Nigeria? They little money we make here are we not paying the same bills every day?

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