I slept with my Ex, now am afraid I may run mad because my husband said whenever any man sleeps with another man’s wife either the woman runs mad – This is how it happened

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I know that married life comes with its own special ups and downs, as married men and women all over the world will tell you. But it’s as if my story here is totally different. This is my story:

I’m married with a kid to a Delta man Agbor to be precise. My husband doesn’t take good care of me. I have decided to go on low-cut just for peace to reign. He doesn’t care about his own child too. In fact the only person he knows that exists in the family is himself. Too bad.

I have no source of income not that I don’t want to do anything but I don’t have the finance. I was at the middle of an ocean and have nothing else to do. One day I came across my old Sim card and an idea came to me. Though it was a difficult thing to do but I resorted to it. Hmm, I picked up my phone and inserted the old Sim where I saw my old friends contacts and I began to contact them asking them for assistance each time I have a need.

My Ex has been of good help each time I ask him of assistance. But last December, terrible thing happened. I called my Ex to help me with little money to make my hair for the Christmas but he asked me to come over which I did. Here is 20k just use it for what ever you want, he said. The problem came when he started touching me before I know it, he slept with me.

Am really afraid since the incident happened because, my husband once told me that in their village whenever any man sleeps with another man either the woman runs mad or the man falls sick.

I don’t know if this is true, please anyone from this part of Delta state should advise me. I really need your advice. I don’t want to run mad!

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