Entire family of 5 found dead a day to their house warming ceremony

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A community in Imo state have been thrown into mourning after residents discovered the death of 5 members of a family on Monday morning.

The family consisting of the father who was a known in the community as a crop farmer, his wife and their 3 children aged 9, 11 and 13, were said to have had dinner and gone to bed a night before but didn’t wake up the following day.

A source who tried to explain what must have happened said: “We saw them last night hale and hearty, today is their house warming and we were all happy for them.

Some people noticed that nothing was happening in the house today and we know it is the house warming day so they went to check, upon getting there they spotted them through the window and broke down the door.”

Another resident of the town said they suspected the food they ate the night before, as it was seen to be processed cassava, otherwise known as garri.

The bodies have been deposited at the mortuary by authorities who have also promised to conduct an autopsy to reveal the true cause of death.

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