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“Don’t give the poor what belongs to God” – Clergyman preaches (Video)

A Ghanaian clergyman who goes by the name, Rev. Bompah has opined that people should not give what belongs to God to the poor.

The man stated this while delivering a sermon to his listeners during a church service.

He advised his members not to always be eager to help the poor, as one should not give what belongs to God to the poor.

The pastor said that some people who are poor are simply suffering the consequences for the bad things they had done in the past.

Watch the video below:

This has sparked reactions from social media users;

stanbnx wrote: “Christianity can be confus! ng sometimes, one priest will tell you to pay tithe while another priest will tell you it’s not necessary, Only God knows the right thing, Bible is the best direction.”

wives_and_mothers wrote: “Pastor you be scam. I’d rather give to the poor than give to the church.”

___debbylicious wrote: “But truly giving to the poor u need discernment…..Some of then disguise to be poor and use your money for rituals….. Exactly why u give money to your uncles and they use it against you”

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