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Don’t come home if you don’t get 1st class – Nigerian father warns daughter after raising N20m for her education (Video)

Nigerian dad has challenged his daughter to graduate with a first class because he invested a lot of time in teaching his daughter for her MSc degree.

The father said in a video posted by the girl that he has already raised N20m to pay for the girl’s higher education and that he anticipates she would graduate with honors.

He advised her not to bother going back to their family home if she does not receive a distinction in her Masters degree when she graduates.

The father and his 25-year-old daughter were talking about the likelihood of each of them achieving what they want.

The Msc student defended herself by stating that it is difficult to excel while maintaining decent grades, and she pleaded with her father to be understanding because the stress of aiming for first place might have a negative impact on her mental health.

Watch the video below:

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