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Dating a lady who can’t help when you’re broke is a total waste – Influencer, BOD

Nigerian Twitter influencer BOD advises against a man dating a woman who is unable to support him in difficult situations.

Dating a woman who is unable to provide financial support when her man is in need, in his opinion, is a complete waste of time.

On Friday, December 9, 2022, he tweeted this, eliciting a flurry of responses from online users.

@bod_republic tweeted; ”Dating a lady who cannot help you financially when you’re broke is a total waste of time.”

@idriece22; Men always start relationships with intention to help financially. It is d basic code of relationship for men. D issue here is, can ur female partner help u in case things ain’t temporarily ok with u.

@FunkyJoyyy; Na why I dey single be this. Relationship is not for broke women like us sha

@Naya53372405; Lols 😂…with what you invested in her right??? That’s nonsense broo
But finally even if you have that lady who comes through for you…you will still cheat on her with a university babe that you will pay her fees and she won’t even help when it’s tough on you 🤷‍♀️

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