Coronavirus: Nose Cover has done more harm than good see why

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Coronavirus has put everyone all over the world in a commotion. Even the medical practionals, politics, the rich and the poor are not out of this virus issue.

It is important to know what we are using very well before hurting ourselves in another way which we might be ignorant of.

Nose cover is the most common form of CPAP mask. The mask rests over the nose and against the cheeks and upper lip. It is held in place with headgear that attaches to the mask at the forehead and sides of the face. The CPAP machine sends pressurized air into the mask, which surrounds your nose before you inhale it.

Advantages of using a nose cover include:

1)It is comfortable in delivering pessure due to less direct nature.

2) It has better tolerance by some users due to its higher pressure settings.

3) It has more choices for shapes that can fit our specific facial profile

Disadvantages of using a nose cover include:

1) there is chance of a broken seal caused by oral breathing

2) irritation to the bridge of the nose or the forehead due to contact pressure from the mask frame or cushion

3) discomfort for those who have frequent allergies, hay fever, sinus infections, or head colds

4) difficulty breathing for those who have enlarged turbinates, narrow nasal passages, or deviated septum

5) As with nasal pillows, a chin support may be added to the headgear of a nasal mask to help address oral breathing.

It is obvious that one should not force his or herself to use nose cover because of coronavirus. There are other preventive measures for the deadly virus which is more convenient than using nose cover.

Use the nose cover only if you find it very easy to use.

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