Cheating husband emasculated after wife hid bear trap inside of her vagina

An Alaskan man was emasculated during sex with his wife after she inserted a bear trap inside of her vagina reports the Anchorage Herald this week.

Rosetta White, 36, was arrested this week after she admitted to hiding a 24 pound, 36” long bear trap with a jaw spread of 12 inches inside of her vagina to get back at her cheating husband.

Medical staff at the Anchorage General Hospital also had to perform a surgical procedure to remove the 24-pound bear trap from the genitalia of Williams as well as retrieve her husband’s genitals.

“I’ve seen patients insert weird things into their genital or anal cavities in my career, such as a crucifix, a baseball bat, and even a dead fetus, but this tops it all,” Dr. Alan Bergwin at Anchorage General Hospital told reporters.

Anchorage authorities seized and confiscated the 24-pound, 36” long bear trap with a jaw spread of 12 inches as evidence of Rosetta White’s physical assault against her husband.

“When the trap is triggered, the two steel jaws snap shut with an estimated 1000 pounds of pressure. If it can break a grizzly bear’s leg bone, imagine what it will do to a human penis,” Officer Brian Coon explained.

Although the man’s penis had been cut in half by the device and was later retrieved in the woman’s genitalia, medical staff are positive the surgical operation will allow the man to regain full use of his genitals in the upcoming months.

“There was a loss of tissue, maybe two or three inches, but what is left of the genital organ should function when it has had time to heal,” added Dr. Alan Bergwin.

A similar event occurred in San Francisco in 2019 when a cheating man was emasculated and contracted tetanus after his frustrated boyfriend inserted a dozen rusty nails inside of his anal cavity.

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