Any guy that last 30 minutes during sex is a mad man, Nigerian lady stir debate

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How long should a normal love making last?

A Nigerian lady with Twitter name Lorita has stir up a controversy on social media after she insisted that love making should not last beyond 30 minutes, and any guy that spends more than 30 minutes during love making is a mad man.

The lady also claimed it is only the jobless guys that would spend more time in love making instead of looking for profitable things to do.

“Any guy that last 30.minutes during sex is a mad man. Use your energy to work and make money. Sex is not work!” she tweeted.

of course there are people who holds a contrary opinion to Lorita.

While some are of the view that there shouldn’t be specific time for love making, others they could go for one hour and they don’t see any problem in it.

“Men who last that long are happy, exited and less worried about the future.😊

Reason why after I get me some big money amma move from lasting for 40min to an 1hr30.😊😘 ” —@Aqobakwe

“Any man that last 5 minute is lazy and weak, Any man that stays up to 30 minute is jobless.. Mbok, leave this men alone.” —@Andlisa4u

“E don reach time wey all of una go come together,then decide how many minutes go do una…

30 mins – u no get work..

2 mins – not man enough..

When una decide, una let us know…” —@lucasscot_101

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