7 Common habits that can lead to untimely death.

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Everyday as we go about our activities, there are risky situations we put ourselves in but we aren’t cognisant of the repercussions as some may lead to our untimely death.

Below is some of the habits that causes untimely death.

(1) Excessive consumption of coffee and alcohol

Moderate consumption of coffee or alcohol is thought to be good for you. However this can’t be said for over consumption. Drinking coffee or alcohol in large amounts not only increases the heart rate but also blood pressure, and it is enough to trigger a heart attack.

(2) Depression

Being in an emotionally insecure state is thought to affect the rhythm of the heart. Sleep deprivation through worry or stress prevents the heart from properly resting and causes an increase in blood pressure and heart rate. If left unattended it can lead to a heart attack. If there is something bothering you, it is recommended you speak to friends and family or health professionals to resolve the problem.

(3) Over Active sex life

A healthy sex life is thought to keep you young and healthy but overdoing it can cause a convulsion of the blood vessels through over excitement. This can then be responsible for a drop in blood circulation to the vital organs, which can lead to the onset of heart disease.

(4) Smoking

Cases of someone suffering an instant death from breathing in tobacco smoke are generally unheard of, but both smokers and passive smokers alike increase their risk of heart damage considerably over time.

(5) Excessive eating and drinking

Overeating increases the amount of blood needed to digest food. As a result, the blood supply to the brain and heart decreases. Any anemia suffers who overeat put themselves at a much higher risk of a heart attack or stroke. Prolonged overeating can not only cause an increase in weight but also, if you’re the inactive type, lead to a blocking of the blood vessels.

(6) Excessive intake of hot and salty foods

Foods that are high in salt content are know to cause a rise in blood pressure, increase cholesterol and cause arteriosclerotic vascular disease. Also, consuming sweet things when you’re a child increases the risk of developing heart disease considerably in adult life.

(7) Inactive Lifestyle

Sitting at home or in an office all day long can also increase the risk of a sudden death. An inactive lifestyle causes the metabolism to slow down and reduces the amount of enzymes the body creates. There is also an increase in body fat. Eventually, the blood is likely to thicken and cause a deterioration in blood circulation which can see the formation of a blood clot and thus trigger a heart attack.

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