2023: People should vote for competence and not ethnicity –Adindu Nnana

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Dr Jude Adindu Nnanna is the Chief Executive Officer of Jude Elswitch Limited , an Electrical Engineering firm, businessman and founder, GLAD Foundation that renders humanitarian services. In this interview, he identified the major problems of Nigeria and proffered possible solutions to them. As one who believes in one and indivisible Nigeria, he enjoined the citizens to always do what would help to strengthen the peaceful coexistence among Nigerians.

What have you identified as major problems of Nigeria?

Obviously, Nigeria’s main problem is tribalism, and others are religion and selfishness.

I would say that Nigerians are managing to survive. No one will deny the fact that things are very tough in the country as a result of mismanagement of public funds. Those in control of the affairs know that. However, what we should do, is to stop the blame game and think of how to get out of the situation, and move up to the next level they promised us.

How did Nigeria get to this serious point of decay?

Let us not think much about the past because military incursion took Nigeria back for 50 years, whereby the constitution was suspended and we were ruled by decree. So, it will take sometime before we would get out of it. If those military were people with vision for nation building, we would have been counting our blessings by now. But unfortunately, they were all adventurists, who have ambitions to get into power.

What is the solution to Nigeria’s challenges?

I advise that we should start to empower people, think more about education, how much that has been voted for it and how much that should have been voted for it. Health wise, do we have the world standard to look at? Security wise, we should also know how many policemen in place to secure the people as UN recommends? Shelter, electricity and other facilities should be made available for the people, as applicable in other countries. If all these are in order, things will certainly change for good. Importantly, this is the right time for our political office holders to sacrifice part of their take home packages and goodies they receive, that make them not to leave. Many of them do not care about those that are down and how many heads that have been crushed. Nigerians should not continue to keep quiet and pretend not to know this.

However, God made it that we have inherited one country. Therefore, what we need is a President who has the vision and mission to make Nigeria great, who will make sure that the walls that tribalism, religion and the one some selfish people have built, are gradually made to diminish. You will find out that every Nigerian’s interest is to get food at cheaper rate, be clothed, have shelter over his head, his children given access to education, women and the children have access to health care facilities, and security of lives and property ensured. Nigeria is presently under a serious security threats, and the efforts being put in place to curtail it are not enough. Maybe, the so-called leaders think that if armed robbers come, they will not have access to them, forgetting that a stray bullet may touch them in one way or the other. So, the issue of security needs to be given more serious attention.

Many are warming up from the North and South to succeed President Buhari in 2023, agitating that it is their turn, what do you say about such move?

For me, talking about who becomes the president should not be a religious or tribal war. Chief Olusegun Obasanjo, a Christian was there, and did not turn the country to a christian nation. Dr Goodluck Jonathan is from South- South and a Christian too was there, and did not turn Nigeria to a Christian nation, or turn his hometown Otueke to London or America. Even the North had it. Yakubu Gowon, Shehu Shagari, Ibrahim Babangida, Sani Abacha, Abdulsalami Abubakar and Yar Adua were all there and did not turn Nigeria to an ethnic or religious nation or turn their communities and villages to Dubai. For that reason, I

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