20 Brands that are Building a Smarter Future for All Your Needs Using Artificial Intelligence

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Numerous companies are implementing emerging technological developments such as machine learning, cloud computing, artificial intelligence, among others, for their business growth. Besides reshaping various prominent sectors such as automotive, recruitment, healthcare, artificial intelligence has even become a part of our daily lives as voice assistants. 

Even Facebook uses AI technology to identify people based on their online activity, demographics, and interests. You can create compelling videos using the Facebook video editor. The ad manager’s features can be accessed using the power editor, which enables people to do efficient marketing and gain better profits. Let us see other prominent companies that are implementing this.

Top AI Companies that have the Potential to Build a Smarter Future:


This is a Thailand based firm that has designed an efficient software powered by AI. It helps doctors easily make voice notes when busy, thus saving a lot of time and boosting efficiency. Critical processes of Covid-19 are put on the fast track by using the related data and template.

• Qualcomm

This firm drives the AI revolution by manufacturing powerful smartphone chips. A signal processor is leveraged by it for image and sound capabilities. Owing to its potential and market size, it will be a dominant AI functionality driver in consumer devices.

• HyperScience

Tasks such as manually filling the forms, or doing any data entry work related to handwritten forms are quite mundane. So to prevent the boredom of such tasks, HyperScience has been designed. It prevents the need for humans to go through the entire form and processes the required information through “intelligent document processing.”

• Cylance

This firm is involved in developing apps for security. It works by using a mathematical learning process to comprehend a hacker’s mentality. Thus, it can predict a hacker’s behavior to identify if anything is unsafe rather than just distinguishing a threat from the blacklist or white list.

• K Health

This firm uses AI for telemedicine’s advanced edge. It helps the patient to know if a doctor’s appointment is needed for the situation and can be easily managed with some available information. The user can text a doctor and even find any COVID-19 cases in his nearby localities. A user’s complaint is linked with the records of many other patients to offer him relevant help.

• CrowdStrike:

It is a SaaS firm that is cloud-based. Endpoint security is its primary focus. It has a platform named Falcon that leverages AI and helps identify active attack indicators for detecting suspicious activities before the occurrence of a breach. With it, network admins support real-time findings’ actionable intelligence that helps them take essential steps.

• AlphaSense

This is a California based search engine that makes use of AI. It is relevant for banks, investment firms, and Fortune 500 companies that search for vital information related to earnings, news, research, and SEC filings. The search engine expands keyword searches to provide appropriate results.

• SenSat

This is a UK based firm that forms digital copies of the physical environment. It helps in comprehending the parameters of an environment and provides useful feedback through AI modeling. One example is that when there is going to repair work on a road, it provides spatial and volume statistics related to the roadway.

• Pymetrics

This New York City-based firm helps in hiring the right candidates by leveraging AI. In this process, it does more than simply scanning a candidate’s resume. Employees fill out the Pymetrics assessment, which is used for creating a model to set the parameters of an ideal candidate.

• Socure

This New York City-based firm uses AI-enabled systems to fight against hackers. Various data sources undergo quality checks and monitoring, much more than a human can do. It aims to identify real people in real-time.

• InVideo

This platform uses AI and humanitarian assistance to provide online video creation. Video marketing is increasing day-by-day and thus this tool is in huge demand.

• Verkada

It aims to create a network of cameras assisted by AI, capable enough to track and monitor all sophisticated movements. The cloud will operate these cameras. It will have vast usage as clients from schools to shopping malls need such intelligent monitoring facilities.

• Icertis

This firm provides a solution that leverages the clouds, automates some tasks, and scans the previous contract details. It has gained many business contacts, including Microsoft, in this process.

• Iris AI

Researchers find it quite useful because it has a Focus tool that uses AI. This helps in refining the research literature so that researchers do not have to waste time doing this manually.

• Brighterion

This forms MasterCard’s part and offers AI for the financial service sector. It provides a custom-designed fast to market solution named AI Express to its customers. Over 100 prominent banks in the world use it.

• Clarifai

This is an AI-powered image recognition platform. With it, searching its image database, organizing and filtering images become quite easy. There is an on-premise offering of the AI solution besides API and mobile as well.

• Bright Machines

This is a San Francisco based AI company that leverages improvements in robotics such as facial recognition and machine learning. Human efforts are significantly reduced by using this as it is quite efficient to perform many fine-grain tasks.


These were only some of the many best brands striving for a smarter future by implementing artificial intelligence. The most common example of such a famous social networking brand implementing AI is Facebook video ads, which intend to provide users with the right info to have maximum impact on potential customers. In this way, AI is gaining importance in every sphere of life.

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