Today marks the end of 2018, for some, it has been a remarkable year while for others it wasn’t so good. We know a lot of you would make new year resolutions but it can’t stop at that.

Apart from your resolutions, we believe there are some changes that should be effected to make these resolutions effective.

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These changes may sound irrelevant but they all come together to make an amazing year. Here are some of those important changes you should consider in 2019.

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1. Stay Away From Toxic People

Positive vibes only! Take an evaluation of your relationships. You know those friends who drain all your energy whenever you’re around them and always try to manipulate you so they have their way in nearly everything? They need to leave your life before 2019. Surround yourself with love and encouragement always.

2.Say No To Procrastination

One of the important changes to make in the new year is to stop procrastinating. Procrastination will slowly kill your dreams and will eventually leave you tangled up in frustration and bitterness at all the things you could have achieved but didn’t.

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3.Get A Side Hustle

You can’t afford to live on your monthly salary, you need to get finances together. Financial security is as important as getting a job. Get a side hustle in 2019 to help get you that financial security. Take hold of your finances in 2019.

4. Stop Doing Business On Credit

Being a female entrepreneur can be exhausting, having people to owe you is more exhausting. Stop doing business on credit, make this your policy in the new year. Credit messes with the finances of the business and makes it harder for the entrepreneur to scale up her business.

5. Pay Attention To Your Health

Be more aware of your body and health. Make sure you eat the right foods, find an exercise routine that works for you, improve your sitting posture, drink more water, and do a health check every once in a while. Health is wealth, people.

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6. Give More

Make an impact on someone’s life in 2019 by putting a smile on that face. Giving to the less privileged is very fulfilling, and it does come back to you. Give your time to help someone, your money to the poor, and old belongings to those who need it more than you.

7.Invest In Your Friends

Make 2019 a year where you’re the better friend that everyone wants in their life. Invest in your friends by supporting and listening to them. Be intentional with your friends, be nicer and have a blast.

8.Skin Care

Make a decision of paying close attention to your skin in 2019. Glow up in this new year! Walk around looking flawless and you’ll be glad you did.

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