Luca Luce is a talented makeup artist who uses his expert skills to turn his own head into mind-boggling 3D optical illusions.

40-year-old Luce has been working as a television makeup artist in Italy for over 18 years, but only started using his body as a canvas for optical illusions in 2014.

He first made a name for himself online in 2015, when photos of his hand-painted optical illusions went viral on social networks like Instagram and Facebook.

He’s come a long way since then, moving from his hands to his own head, which he now “carves”, “pierces” and “distorts” using only makeup supplies and mountains of talent.

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Although makeup has always been his greatest passion, Luca Luce also had a thing for 3D drawing and would often draw his designs on paper, but it wasn’t until he started using his hands as a canvas that he really shot to fame.

His first artwork, a ladder going down into a hole in his palm got a lot of attention online, and it wasn’t long before British tabloid Mail Online did an article on his unique palm art, which ended up making him internationally famous.

However, his palm-painted optical illusions were only the beginning for Luce, who has since started using his face and head as canvases for some truly mind-boggling artworks.

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