A certain twitter user took to her handle some days ago to reveal her age as she turns 33, but some Nigerians have now slammed her for not being married at that age.

“33years no ring SMH,”@EnergyGod4 tweeted at her.

“@33 you are already getting old dear, go and get married please,” @Abaeat_laliga wrote.

Another Twitter user wrote: “I can’t find a ring on those fingers, just saying ni oo.”

And the criticisms kept rolling in until the Twitter user shut them all up with a tweet.

She wrote:

No one talked about

How I sponsored my kid sis through university n I am still footing her bills presently as she’s doing her masters.

How I sent myself to University as well

How I am a dope baker.

But they’re saying my life is miserable because i am not married at 33 ?

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