Over the years has it being a thing of controversy as regards the realness of “squirting“.

Maybe, Maybe not, this had promoted a Facebook user identified as “Husband Material” to make the public post requesting the opinion of ladies about this notion.

He posted: “Squirting?? Myth or Real.”

However, it wasn’t a thing of surprise that this post received a relatively warm welcome, with a wide and huge range of engagement, of which different ladies aired their opinion, and in some cases their personal experience about the notion.

It is thus inarguable according to the informations gotten from the various comments on the post, that Squirting Is Real.

One of the comments made by a lady identified as Ibe-Ikem Immaculate Udomma supported the notion, saying its real, and that she does it regularly. She said: “I do“.

She further proceeded to explain the principle behind squirting, and how men could drive women to such zone.

Immaculate said:
Husband Material its a technique. Make sure the woman is happy. She has to be emotionally involved in you. Happiness at that moment is important, emotional attatchment is important too. Because no matter how you try, a prostitute cant squirt. If she loves you, she will let fear go and shower it.

Then do your job well. Two minutes men dont squirt women. Go slow, give back to back orgasms at once. Then she will shower.”

“Husband Material gbam. You know it. Also important is the circumcision thing. My accessories are complete, prominent and highly sensitive, so i drip from the door, then shower in bed“. She added.

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Another person who supported the notion via her comment is MaryAnn IfunnanyaChuckwu. She said its real, and that she do squirt. She however also made it know that squirting is different from urine.

MaryAnn said:
Reality. Those saying it’s urine, it doesn’t have the same colour and when it comes it feels better than urinating. If you know, you know!”

Yet another striking agreement came from Ogboko Adebola, who claimed squirting is real and awesome, and also highlighted the fact that its different from urine.

Adebola said:
It’s not urine o,feels awesome,not same color as urine and tastes like pussy juice.Only a real man can get u there..lemme come n be going😁

However, life they say exists as two sides of a coin. And in agreement to this fact did we see comments that also went against the notion. Although they were negligible in number, and have also been countered. Thus, making the supporters have the win.

One of those who believes squirting is a myth is Uzondu Chideozie, who said its mythical.

In his words: “It’s a mythical reality Bruv”.

See screenshots below for more engaging comments from contributors: