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Man caught allegedly stealing 25 laptops

An alleged thief was caught after allegedly stealing more than 20 laptops at once from a certain place.

People who caught him in the act shamed and threatened to deal with him. The man known as George is seen lying on the ground in a video that has gone viral online.

Before being caught, the guy appeared to be almost finishing a clean escape while carrying the devices.

Watch the video below:

andymohammed16; He no dey pity person 😂😂 he for at least collect 1 or come with back up na

benklef10; Make judge George am nw

novairelle_jewelries_accessory; I hate to see people in dz kind of situation 😢 chaiii

lashow06; Some people just like to reck people this is too bad meen ,shit 😮

investor_phopz; He wan go repair am for una nii😂😂😂😂

emmharix_; 😂😂 ahhh George whetin happen na. What came over you😂😂😂

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